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Hello my kittens! <3

I hope you can enjoy my gallery and my page!

(~Female pronouns please~)

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please love me <333


-The Basics-
Full name: Jane Marygold Church/Beddinfield
Nickname (s): Hermit (by Jon only)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 26
Birthday: April 6
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: American
Religion: Catholic
City or town of birth: Springfield, Illinois
Language: English
Relationship Status: Engaged/Married (it depends on the timeline of the story)

--Her Appearance--
Height: 5’5
Figure/build: Small bust with wide hips
Hair colour: Dark auburn
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skin Colour: Pale
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars: Claw marks on the sides of her thighs and torso (around the ribs)

--Her Health--
Smoker?: Occasionally
Drinker?: No
Allergies: Lilies, peanuts, and bees
Any Disabilities/Illness?: Has to wear glasses (Near-sighted)
Medication Taken: None

--Her Personality--
Good Traits:

Hard Working: Jane usually knows when she’s supposed to work, and when she does, she tries her best and puts herself forward to give the best results.

Prudent: She doesn’t like to act impulsively, so she thinks ahead to find the best possible solution instead of running to a conclusion.

Self-reliant: She is capable of taking care of herself, and while she does appreciate the occasional helping hand, she pretty much handles herself without help.

Bad Traits:

Difficult to Impress: She finds it difficult to find anything new or cool in any way, and usually expresses this through sarcasm or a simple twitch of her eyebrow.

Abrasive: Jane doesn’t normally care much for how her words can hurt some, with the exception of those she cares about, and this can cause her to be quite ruthless with what she says, if she’s in the mood to be mean.

Stubborn: Due to being so self-reliant, taking the orders of another or accepting most help can be a challenge. She becomes frustratingly stubborn in times like this.


Complete silence: She hates when things go too quiet, so she does anything to create some noise for herself. This can include music, talking to herself, or even white noise. She usually freaks out and completely loses her cool if it’s too quiet for too long. She’s unsure of where this fear came from, but she’s had it for as long as she could remember.

Planes/Plane crashes: She developed this fear when she was about eleven years old, and she took a plane with her family on a vacation to Hawaii. The plane got into bad turbulence and just barely landed safely. Ever since then, she was too scared to get on a plane, so she always just drives where she needs to go, and barely leaves the co

Favourite Colour: Brown
Hobbie(s): Boxing
Taste in Music: Calm classical/Chillstep
Likes: Staying up late, the park, puzzles, and trivia
Dislikes: Climbing, heavy exercise, her mother and sister, and fretting over fashion

Favourite Food(s): Chocolate pudding
Favourite Drink(s): Coffee
Disliked Food(s): Ham and beef
Disliked Drinks: Energy drinks

--Family and Friends--
Parents: Geoff Church (Died when Jane was ten) and Mary Ann Church
Siblings: Amanda Church (Younger sister)
Partner/Spouse/Crush: Jon Beddinfield
Best Friends (s): Meredith “Baby” Clover
Friend(s): Ms. Cranberry (her boss at her part-time bookstore job)


Childhood: Jane was an average child, with the exception of her ability to excel on her own. Because of this personality, most kids didn’t bother talking to her unless she could do their work for them when they couldn’t. She didn’t understand that she was always being used like this until the beginning of seventh grade, when someone referred to her as “the Ultimate School Tool”. From then on, she didn’t allow herself to help anyone, and she sort of drew into herself and became anti-social. In her family life, her father passed away when she was ten years old, and she was left with her younger sister Amanda who she hadn’t ever gotten along with properly, and her mother Mary Ann, where they’d never seen eye to eye in the first place. She had a lot of trouble coping with her father passing, but she eventually learned to deal with it.

High School: She was still very introverted by the time Sophomore year rolled around, when Meredith Clover transferred to her school. They slowly became friends when Meredith found out that they had almost every class with her, and was the only face she could recognize in the morning. Jane didn’t care about her in the beginning, but as they talked more, they realized that they had quite a bit in common. Jane opened up a bit more then, but she still didn’t allow herself to lower her guard completely, but their relationship did develop quite a bit. They even took late night walks in the park when they became Seniors on the weekends, when they could. She kept her schoolwork away from Meredith until Senior year, when they graduated (Jane finished as valedictorian) and went to different colleges for different things. Jane went for finance and Meredith went for creative writing.

College: Jane met some people in college, but she didn’t click with them as much as she did Meredith, so they stayed in touch and talked on the phone every night. Meanwhile, Jane was bored out of her mind while taking her classes, so she picked up on boxing. She found that it helped with her school stress and clearing her mind. She boxed throughout college, and even tried martial arts a couple times, though she felt they weren’t for her. Also, during her college career, she found a love for coffee, especially with mocha flavoring. It helped her through many nights of late studying or homework completion. She still drank it after college, but she drank it the most during. She also took a rather reluctant liking to chocolate-covered coffee beans as well, as it did help her energy when needed.

Adult Life: After college, instead of going into a finance-related career (something that Jane would rather cut her foot off than get involved with), she took a job at a small bookstore run by an older woman named Ms. Cranberry, who took her in right away as the daughter she couldn’t have when she was young. Together, they made the bookstore (named Simple Pages) successful enough to make a good profit, which kept both it and their living afloat. Jane found a studio apartment nearby (also current home), and rented it as soon as she could, modestly decorating it with necessities and a couple luxuries (framed pictures Meredith had sent from her post-college travels in places like Sweden and Paris). Not long after she found her apartment, she met a young man with sunburnt skin and no hair, as well as black eyes. She talked to him after he offered some kind of contract, where she promptly refused, but he gave her his number anyways (saying something about how he was interested in hearing her voice again). She called him,  found out his name was Jon, and they met up again, this time at her favorite coffee shop, and they got to know each other extensively. They quickly became close, and started dating after six months of talking. They dated for another two years, and during this time learning big things about each other, before he popped the question. In this span of time, Meredith moved in an apartment complex about four or five blocks down, and this occurred at least two months after Jane met Jon. They met up and became closer than they were before.

Current: Jane has been engaged to Jon for three years now, and they’re waiting to get married once they have the money. She has kept her job steady and secure, though she has had to take care of Ms. Cranberry quite a bit, since she’s gotten older a little less stable. Meredith and Jane are still good friends, and consider themselves sisters. Jane talks to her family sometimes, but not too often. However, Jon’s side of the family has accepted her as one of their own easily. She also continues boxing, though she hasn’t thought about doing it professionally. She still considers it as much a stress-reliever and a hobby as she did in college, though she can hold herself in a fight pretty well. Also, every year, on the day of her father’s death, she visits his grave with Jon and places flowers on his grave. She also cleans his tombstone if it’s gotten too dirty.
Jane's Actual Bio
Okay, I actually like this one a lot better than the one from before (it has been deleted), it feels more worked on and like it's actually Jane now. I think I've developed her much better as well.

But, yeah, basically, this is Jane.


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